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Well Schools

Three Bridges is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Well Schools Movement & Mr Hannay sits on the board!

Well Schools aims to help improve education outcomes by placing wellbeing at its very heart to support school staff, senior leaders and young people. It isn’t a programme, quality mark or intervention; it’s all of us coming together to drive change, share challenges and solutions and help find support.

What is a Well School?

A Well School places just as much emphasis on wellbeing as it does on academic performance. It understands that children and young people are more effective learners when they are happy and well and that they must take care of their staff and their pupils wellbeing to create a culture that allows everyone to reach their potential.

Why Well Schools?

  • Wellbeing impacts on student’s self-belief, aspirations and learning
  • Teachers wellbeing underpins great teaching
  • Wellbeing in schools can be a reaction to poor wellbeing rather than the promotion of positive wellbeing
  • Environmental and social changes affecting young people’s physical and mental development demand different approaches to education
  • The changing world demands broader education outcomes.


Well Led

Staff and Headteacher wellbeing is actively supported and championed ensuring the whole school is ‘well-led’ and connected with the wider school community.

Well Prepared

Every child has a foundation of physical and emotional literacy that will prepare them to be effective learners and cope with the pressures of life.

Well Equipped

Every child is equipped with the human skills through a curriculum and enrichment programme that develops their social capital and helps them thrive in a modern world.